Benefits Of Using An Internet Fax Service

Internet fax services or Web faxing has a lot of advantages. Whether you are a businessman or you only fax for personal use regularly, Web faxing comes with a wide range of benefits. Below are some of the advantages of switching to using internet fax service. If you only need to fax a document urgently, I would advise you sign up for one of the websites that offers free online services such as faxburner or RingCentral Fax. RingCentral Fax offers a free trial for 30 days. After the trial period, the standard rate is $7.99 per month. This is actually cheap compared to other internet fax providers like RapidFax, EFax, MetroFax and MyFax.


You Can Save A Lot of Money With An Online Fax Service

The price most service providers charge per month is in the range of $5 to $50. Conventional fax machines meanwhile can cost a whole lot more than that. The price of the traditional fax machine alone is about $150 to $300. If one starts to calculate the cost of maintenance, phone lines, replacement parts, toner, ink and paper, one would start to understand the reason Web Faxing is a better option. Other than convenience, reduction of cost is the biggest advantage of using an Internet Fax service. Additionally, large businesses are not the only ones that can benefit from the cost saving opportunities of using online faxing; small businesses can also eliminate a lot of cost thereby saving money. Most Basic plans begin at $5 - $8 per month. When using normal fax machines, the amount spent on paper and toner each month is probably twice that. For startup companies on a shoestring budget, online faxing is a way to effectively trim cost. For larger companies, it is also a way to effectively trim losses.

Online Fax Service

Greater Convenience For Managers, Employees and Owners

It doesn’t matter whether you are in your office or not, from wherever you are, you can conveniently fax from your Smartphone or your PC. With Web Faxing, you can send and receive faxes through your email.  The faxes are received as attachments and they can be easily downloaded and viewed on your mobile phone. Faxing a document out is equally as easy, all you need to do is to compose a new email, enter the fax number of your recipient, attach the document you want to fax, and tap or click ‘Send’.

Whether you are forwarding or receiving a fax, the online service provider will convert all faxes into a readable format. You can forward faxes in various file formats, which includes Office Documents, PDFs, picture formats, and much more. The file formats of the faxes you receive are sent to your mail in PDF format. With online faxing, you can easily manage your business or company on-the-go. This means you won’t be tied to a fax machine and you can leave your office without worrying about losing an important fax file.

Add Digital Signatures To Your Faxes

One of the main reasons fax is still important is Signatures. Legally, signatures sent via fax are considered to be stronger than those sent through other methods. Many electronic fax services are aware of this and that’s the reason most of them chose to add a feature to personalize digital signatures. The digital signatures can be added to any document easily. When a fax comes into your inbox, with the fax service provider’s app or the web platform, you can create a signature to apply to one fax or several faxes.  You can forward the fax you just received with the new digital signature – all without doing any printing.

Time Saving With Online Fax

Switching from using traditional fax machine to Web Faxing might seem like a little change – but it’s not. Removing a fax machine from your office and can be beneficial in terms of productivity. You no longer have to get up to check each time a fax comes in. No more worrying about issues like paper jams and other traditional fax machine problems. This reduces the time wasted in your office. When using traditional fax machine, most times, your data is sent on phone lines that are not secure.

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Better Organization With Online Fax

If you receive a lot of faxes daily, it is easy for the faxes to become out of order or unorganized. This problem can be avoided in two ways with online faxing: With an online filing system you can label, categorize and organize your faxes. You print out only the faxes you actually need the hard copy. The two methods mentioned above encourage organization and productivity. You can easily and quickly monitor the important faxes instead of having it mixed up with unimportant ones in the tray of your fax machine. Your documents are protected with encryption throughout the whole digital transmission.

Online Fax Provides Better Security

This benefit is associated with better organization. The faxes you receive through your email inbox tend to be a lot more secure. Instead of using the office fax machine to print out every fax, you can use your email inbox to receive faxes discreetly. This enables you to only print out the faxes your employees can read while you keep the sensitive and personal information to yourself. Web faxing also provides more security through the built-in encryption it has. The big internet fax providers protect your information by locking down your data using OpenSSL or other similar encryption programs.

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